About Us

Deep roots in the PCB industry

DIS is an equipment builder that is dedicated to building PC board registration equipment. This is not just the focus of our business; it is our only business. DIS was founded because we saw the direction that the PC board industry was going and recognized the limitations of building multi-layer boards on pins.

With the goal of designing and building a system that would be more accurate, the first ideas were sketched out and tried. It started by eliminating the mechanical tolerances inherent in pin lamination. Cameras would be used like a post etch punching system however, instead of punching slots, the cores would be sequential clamped in place. The next step was to design a method to keep the cores in alignment during handling and in the lamination press. After reviewing all options, heat bonding was chosen as the best method. The machine was called the PRS-77, which stood for “Pinless Registration System.

We have grown since then and now have an entire family of machines that fit the needs of high volume producers seeking productivity, low volume producers making quick turns and prototypes, and board shops that are somewhere in between. Our second-generation machines feature advanced vision software and lighting that accurately captures targets even when they not perfect. Features have been added that enable mistake proof construction, rejection of over sized or undersized inner layers and recording data from each panel built.

We have designed and patented an innovative weld head design that features two independent inductive weld heads that work together to allow precise control over the weld profile while delivering the power to weld thick panels.

We have used our knowledge and experience designing and building registration machines to create an innovative pin bonding machine that is easy to use and has industry leading productivity.

We know that PC board makers have a variety of choices for their multi-layer registration equipment. So, our mission is to stay ahead of the competition by continuing to innovate and providing industry leading applications support.

We have over a decade of experience with difficult multi-layer builds. This is more than any of our competitors. We have successfully processed thin cores down to 25uM (1mil), sub-laminations with micro-vias, delicate copper foil layers with holes etched into it, Teflon based materials (Rogers and Taconic), polyamide bond ply, and flex boards. We have processed boards up to 52 layers and have still not reached our limit. We have processed cap construction and foil construction. We have processed mixed construction with thin cores, sub-laminations and copper foil all in one panel. We have successfully welded heavy copper layers (up to 3 ounce, so far) and light copper (down to 1/3 ounce) layers.

Our agents have been carefully selected and are knowledgeable about DIS equipment, the multi-layer registration process and it’s applications. If there is some question that they cannot answer immediately, they will find the right answer.