DIS business has always been alignment, our key people have always worked with vision and positioning systems and understand multilayer registration in the printed circuit board industry.

  • NEW: DataLign Series of Machines Now Available!
  • Alignment and layer clamping are made in the same location, there is no chance for critical parts wearing and therefore greater accuracy is assured
  • No need to pre-stack; this eliminates extra handling and possible damage to the cores
  • After set-up, cameras are locked in position, resulting in greater accuracy
  • Using the “Unique Target Layers” software allows the machine to mistake proof the build. If the operator places the cores out of sequence the machine will reject misplaced core
  • Fixed focus lenses with over 8mm range of focus, lenses do not move for focus
  • All slides and moving parts are designed to work in dusty prepreg environment
  • No templates required, can process all panel sizes without needing to change any expensive parts, no tools needed
  • Vision system checks position before and after clamping each core
  • Operator loads core and prepreg at the same time on pre-load station
  • Layers can be loaded with certain types of slip sheets if customer requires
  • Programmable weld profiles, including ramp up, hold time and cool down. Similar to a press profile
  • All PRS machines are fully compatible for future upgrading to work with the Datalign Registration System. This includes the 10 camera CMS – Camera Measurement System. Layer data collection, networking and matching best fitting layers to each other for optimum alignment configuration
  • DIS has over 150 of the new generation machines in the field